Blood and Truth Review

Blood and Truth Review

While Sony has the advantage when it comes to excellent games exclusive to PS4, they are currently also killing it with PlayStation VR. Two years ago I almost lost hope for the device, but after Moss and Astro Bot Rescue Mission, the PS VR is officially a piece of essential hardware. The ultimate masterpiece of virtual reality is blood and truth. Inspired by the London Heist demo released in the VR Worlds game, Blood and Truth overcomes the limits of what is possible in VR to offer a game like no other.

Somehow, it feels like a James Bond 007 game and in others, it is just as exaggerated as it could be, but the most important thing of all is that it works very well. Blood and Truth follow the story of Ryan Marks, a former Special Forces soldier who must save his family from a London crime boss who has taken control of the family business and has an army of thugs on his side.

The game develops into a chapter-based story-based experience, while Ryan ventures to different parts of London to take down Tony and discover exactly what makes this man so rich and powerful. The story sounds simple but there are many things behind the scenes. Family businesses, shady deals, some stabbing here and there and you have an explosive game.

Although history is the underlying factor in the progression of the game, it is the intermediate moments that make the experience immersive. Being questioned by special forces agents about his knowledge of the crime boss, talking with his mother about business relationships or exploring an art gallery with his brother while wasting the priceless pieces of art on display.

It was these moments that gave life to the characters and the story and made the 6-hour experience worthwhile. Blood and Truth are not only about shooting things and wreaking havoc but about the ties, you make with the characters on the road. This is saying a lot since the action of the game is exaggerated. It is a complete contrast to these layered characters and their family connections.

First-person shooters have failed terribly in the past when trying to make use of virtual reality systems. It is a clumsy experience since his movement is often restricted, motion sickness limits what he can bear, and keeping a grip on his shots while trying to move is simply clumsy and confusing. London Studios has taken a different route with Blood and Truth. Instead of giving the player total control of your movement, you select where you want to move and press a button.

The system works extremely well as it moves from deck to deck slowly and carefully. Each mission advances on a linear route with different routes that open depending on the deck you decide to move. Bravo Team tried this same system of movement but ended up being slow and clumsy. The beauty of the Blood and Truth movement system is how smooth and satisfying it feels when you walk across the stage, sink behind a box, grab ammunition, open a drawer and refill everything perfectly. You really feel that you are controlling every movement. The character does it through a decision-based system.

The shooting of Blood and Truth is simply perfection. Before each mission, you can equip the weapons you have unlocked in your safe house. Remove the gun from the shelf and place it in the holder before painting it with the shade you want, take modifications and accessories and build your perfect weapon. It was a fantastic first impression since I felt like I was preparing to attack a complex.

The guns feel good because the great versatility of the game creates a real sense of success. You can carry four weapons, including two side weapons and two larger weapons, such as shotguns and an SMG. By far, my favorite weapon in the game has to be the pumping action shotgun, since it simply destroys your enemies even from a greater distance. There was nothing better than using two hands, one to pump the gun and the other to shoot and cut off all the enemies as I ran through a building and slid down the side.

You can hold two heavy weapons with both hands or use both hands on a single weapon. It depends on your style of play and the use of motion controllers, it also improves accuracy. If you are holding a machine gun with one hand and firing, the bullet projectile is everywhere, but if you use the other hand to grab the bottom of the gun, or wherever it has support, the shot is more controlled. It is a small detail that adds the world of difference to the game of weapons in the game.

This incredible shot is then backed by a highly successful action as you move through the stage from deck to deck, picking up a vape, smoking a little, grabbing some ammo and even a grenade and hurling it at your enemies in the distance. It is the definition of badass. The accuracy of each action you take is smooth and satisfying. Even reloading your pistols makes you feel like the Terminator when you take ammo from the bag in your chest and put it in your gun. You can even do this while holding two weapons.

When you're not filming things, the exploration mechanics of the game is decent. The stages will have blocks that must be selected, cables that must be cut and terminals that must be hacked. All this is done through the use of his practical bag, from which he opens and takes tools. Everything is interactive as you turn the padlock to unlock the door, cut the wires and even unscrew the metal cover to reveal the internal parts of an electronic lock.

The greatest strength of Blood and Truth is in the way it brings action and history to life in a way that is extremely arrogant and outlandish without it becoming too corny. The characters are British cookie cutters gangsters, but they are never unpleasant. The action and the story are silly, but every moment is fun and addictive.

The conclusion

Once I completed the campaign, all I wanted to do was go back and find all the hidden objectives and complete the challenges. Blood and Truth is one of the most explosive and exaggerated shooting games I've played in virtual reality and every moment was satisfying and enjoyable. It is another fantastic seller of the system for Sony and a mandatory game if it has the hardware and something that is worth buying the configuration.

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