Fortnite: Battle Royale - Survival Tips for beginners

Fortnite Battle Royale Survival tips for beginners

Fortnite: Battle Royale from Epic Games has quickly become one of the most popular games in the world and for good reason. Players must simultaneously use construction, combat, exploration and survival skills, while competing with up to 99 other players, during each game in real time.

Fortnite: Battle Royale - Survival Tips for beginners

What to Expect from Fortnite: Battle Royale

A game in Fortnite: Battle Royal is played in real time against up to 99 more players. A continuous connection to the Internet is required.

Each player controls a soldier, who is left on a mysterious island by a flying bus (known as the battle bus). The main objective during each match is to become the last survivor of the island. To win, everyone else must be defeated or killed. There is no second place.

To achieve success, during each game (which lasts approximately 15 minutes), players must explore the island; find and collect weapons and ammunition; take advantage of various types of loot; In addition to gathering resources (wood, stone, and metal), which are used to build structures and strengths. Simultaneously, all enemy soldiers must ultimately be defeated during high-intensity battles.

As each fight progresses, a storm pushes the remaining soldiers closer. The areas shown on the map of the island in pink have become uninhabitable due to the constantly expanding storm. The storm eventually forces the final handful of survivors to participate in a battle, known as the Final Game or Final Circle, which ultimately leaves only one person alive.

Five survival strategies for beginners

Success at Fortnite: Battle Royale requires players to master a variety of skills related to exploration, construction, survival, and fighting. It is essential to know what weapons to find, collect and use, as well as when and where to use them. However, equally important is knowing how to avoid potentially deadly enemy attacks during the early stages of combat, knowing how to avoid the storm and being able to quickly build structures and forts when and where they are needed.

The following five general strategies will help Fortnite: Battle Royale noobs (beginners, aka novices or noobs) survive longer during games.

Choose a smart place to land

At the start of each game, soldiers controlled by up to 100 different players board the Battle Bus, which travels across the island. Check the Island Map to determine the random route that the bus will take and then choose the desired landing location. The bus route is shown as a blue line on the map.

The island includes about 20 points of interest that are labeled on the island map. Each point of interest presents a different type of terrain and a different collection of buildings and/or structures to explore.

Among the points of interest are dozens of other areas, which are not labeled on the map, but contain additional places to explore, as well as weapons, ammunition, loot and resources that can be collected.

Choosing to land within a popular point of interest means that you will immediately encounter enemy soldiers that you will probably have to fight with. Upon landing, each soldier is armed only with a pickaxe (which can be used as a short range weapon, to crush objects and to collect resources). The first soldiers to land on the island, and then find and grab a gun, always have the advantage. They are able to shoot and kill unarmed soldiers while they land.

Instead of landing within a point of interest, consider landing in a more remote location. This usually gives you additional time to find and build your arsenal, collect resources and prepare better for battles.

As each new season begins, new points of interest are introduced on the island. However, with each new game update (patch), new and untagged areas of the map are introduced. Normally, the newer areas that are added to the map tend to be the most popular and popular. You are also likely to find more enemy soldiers landing near the start and end of the Battle Bus random route at the start of each game.

Gather the best weapons and ammunition.

At any time, Fortnite: Battle Royale offers hundreds of different types of weapons that are divided into separate categories, which include: pistols, rifles, shotguns, SMGs and projectile weapons (such as a rocket launcher or grenade launcher). Each weapon is classified according to its classification of Damage, Fire Speed, Damage per Second (DPS), Recharge Time and Weapons Rarity.

During each game, your lighting needs will change, so it is important to have the best combination of weapons, ammunition and loot with you at any given time. Some weapons (such as guns and shotguns) are more suitable for short-range combat. Others (such as sniper rifles with scope) are ideal for shooting with extreme precision from a distance. There are also projectile and explosion weapons, such as grenade launchers, that are ideal for destroying entire structures (and killing anyone within them).

Inside a soldier's backpack, a player may store a combination of up to five weapons and/or loot items, as well as his or her beak (which cannot be dropped or replaced during a match). Along with finding and gathering the best arsenal of weapons that will prepare you to participate in various types of attacks, it is essential that you accumulate ammunition, which can also be found, collected and collected during each game. Different types of ammunition work with specific types of weapons.

When you visit several points of interest, you are likely to participate in combats within structures, as well as in the open field. For this type of confrontation, a versatile weapon with close range (like any type of shotgun) is ideal.

Later in combat, during the Final Game, when soldiers usually build elaborate fortresses and then launch their attacks from them, projectile / explosive weapons and/or a sniper rifle are essential for long-range attacks.

Know How to Find and Use the Best Loot

Scattered throughout the island, and often found on the ground (and outdoors), you'll find more than a dozen different types of loot items. Loot collections can also be found inside chests, supply drops and loot slaps, or they can be collected from enemies you kill. Loot items can also be purchased within the Vending Machines game (using resources of wood, stone or metal as currency). New types of loot are continuously introduced into the game.

Some items of booty are used to replace the health points (HP) and/or the shields of a soldier. These include medical kits, bandages, slug jars, shield potions and sipping the juice. There are also items of loot that can be used as a weapon, such as grenades, remote explosives, traps, clingers, and impulse grenades. Each one can damage or destroy a structure, as well as helping you eliminate one or more enemies at a time during a battle.

Finding and taking the right collection of loot is another important decision. Every time your soldier receives damage from an attack, fall or explosion, for example, some of his HP is depleted.

Once the HP of a soldier reaches zero, it is immediately eliminated from combat. Therefore, after receiving damage, it is important to have on hand a replacement HP boot and/or shield. These are also stored in a soldier's backpack, which only has six slots to hold weapons or objects.

Perfect Your Building Skills

Using resources (wood, stone, and metal) that have been found, harvested or collected during combat, a soldier can enter the Mode of construction and create walls, ramps/stairs, simple structures or elaborate fortresses.

There are three ways to gather resources. First, you can use a pick to crush any object in the game. Packages of wood, stone or metal can also be purchased by finding and grabbing the resource icons found throughout the island, as well as inside chests, falling supplies and loot slates. Also, every time you kill an enemy soldier, you can recover some or all of your weapons, ammunition, and resources.

Throughout a match, a player must be able to build ramps/stairs quickly, as well as small fortresses or protective barriers for armoring. Towards the final part of a game, many players rely on building an elaborate fortress (in a strategic location) to keep them alive.

Knowing when, where and what to build during a match is an important element of the game. Becoming an expert builder requires practice since speed is essential. When in construction mode, a soldier can not use a weapon.

Learn from the Pros and Keep Practicing

Each time a player is eliminated from a game (unless he is the winner), he automatically enters the spectator mode. This allows them to see the rest of the game without participating in it. This is an excellent way to study the game strategies used by more experienced players.

There are also hundreds of YouTube and channels that offer free game tutorials, as well as transmissions of Fortnite: Battle Royale games recorded or live by experts and top-level players. Within the search field on YouTube or, enter the search phrase "Fortnite: Battle Royale" to find free instructional videos to watch and learn.

You will also discover free online strategy guides available. To find them, use the search phrase Fortnite: Battle Royale Strategy Guide in your favorite search engine.

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