What is really funny about Spellbreak is its potential for different game styles. In Fortnite, you can build or shoot, but you really need to be good at both. At PUBG, you must think tactically, and Apex needs a great team effort. However, in Spellbreak you have many chances to win in many different ways. You can be fantastic in combat, or accumulate skill points to increase your power faster, you can even use the movement in Spellbreak to advance. This is a less conventional method for the game, but it can be quite effective.

The movement in Spellbreak is really important compared to other Battle Royales. It even has a greater dependence on air movement to be successful. Since Spellbreak is a role-playing game, you can increase this movement with several elements and character classes. This is where the movement in Spellbreak becomes really interesting. You can start to exploit these mechanisms for a complete game style.

By increasing your movement as far as you can go, you can cross the map in minutes. This allows you to leave an encounter with an enemy in the second that starts to get bitter. It gives you the mobility capability of the map to find any other player, and the opportunity to ambush everyone by approaching a good speed. Playing with intense movements in Spellbreak can be the key to winning more games.

Most of your options for improving Spellbreak skills come from your team and character class. This is the team building that will give you the best movement control.

  • Conduit: this character class includes a passive ability that increases your movement speed by 20%. This makes it an obvious choice if you play this way.

  • Born on ice: this must be your second class of characters. With this character class, you can access a skill that increases your movement speed while you are on the ice by 100%. If you turn on this skill with skill points, you can get an even higher movement speed on the ice.

  • Frost Gauntlet: there are many different gauntlets to use in combat, but the Frost Gauntlet is the best for movement in Spellbreak. Since you are using the Frostborn character class, you need to be able to deposit frost to take advantage of that increased speed of movement.

  • Air Gauntlet: the air Gauntlet has a combo that works very well with the game centered on movement. You can use the burst jump to jump into the air while you move on ice. This allows you to shoot faster and faster. Using these two movements together can catapult you out of harm's way.

Equipment and Runes

All that will give you some good movement options in Spellbreak. You must have an easy time to move, escape from any encounter or surprise an enemy. However, it is possible to go even further.

  • Runes: there are some different Runes that help with the movement in Spellbreak, but one of the best is Blink. With Blink, you can disappear for a few seconds and appear later on where you are, this is not so revolutionary on its own, but it can be combined with the previous increases and movements to send you at full speed through the map. A quick frost runs in a double jump and then in a blink of an eye, it will make you jump over the enemies without ever seeing you coming.

  • Boots: these items are vital to increasing your speed. Since version 25, the bonus system for all equipment has been completely revised. All boots now increase your running speed. This means that you should always prioritize obtaining boots if you aim for maximum mobility. Any level of legendary Boots will increase your running speed by 25%. This is the best increase for any boot in the game. Whichever construction of legendary boots you use depends on how useful you find specific reinforcements but always points to good quality boots.

With all this added, you should be able to move around the map at ridiculous speed, taking any enemy completely by surprise. Even players with a basic knowledge of combat should be able to use this ability to stay safe and get some deaths through movement in Spellbreak.

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