Spellbreak gives players the option of several different character classes. These give you a passive ability to improve your game from the second the game starts, you can also collect scrolls to increase your skills. While players collect runes and equipment, they must also use their player class to make the most of their construction. Ideally, you should adopt these skills to your playing style and the choice of Gauntlets. Every movement you make can be supported by an appropriately chosen extra skill. The toxicologist is a class that specializes in increasing your toxic gauntlet. Each roll and skill is designed to benefit those players who always take Toxic.

This class will pair well with another class that is more general. Needless to say, it's not a good class if you really do not know how to use toxic Gauntlet. Combine it with a heavy class of Runes like Scholar or one that focuses on close combat like Bulwark will give you the best results. You will have a good balance of skills compared to the left side Gauntlet classes. One benefit of the toxic gauntlet is that it has fantastic opportunities for combos. This potential can be further extended with the Toxicology class.

The passive ability for toxicologist is corrosion. Each enemy you hit with an attack will lose 5 armor every 5 seconds. This will last 15 seconds after hitting them. If you are making a sustained attack, this effect should slowly remove the armor from them for the duration of your fight. Doing this type of incremental damage can make all the difference in shootouts, even if their damage numbers are not as big as other Gauntlets.

In addition to the passive skills of each of your character's classes, you can also get additional improvements with selectable scrolls. Each time you get a skill point, you can access one of these scrolls. The first selective scroll available for toxicologist is Bubonic Bounce. With this shift, attacks of poisonous clouds will bounce off and leave an additional cloud behind as they bounce. They will bounce twice, leaving two additional clouds with Bubonic Bounce II, and three times leaving three additional clouds with Bubonic Bounce III.

Where this roll really stands is to leave behind the base material for even more spell combos. Each toxic cloud can be combined with the spell of another player to create an infectious and dangerous battlefield for your enemies. If you use this role, you must tell your team that your attacks will now provide three times more combos possibilities. Then they can fire spells at the clouds and help make the most of them.

The second selectable parchment for Toxicologist is the disease of spread. The targets will receive 20% more damage from your attacks for 10 seconds when they have no armor. This increases to 30% and 40% with updated parchments. This can help you do even more damage. When this builds up with your passive ability, you can cause greater incremental damage that can help your teammates eliminate the weakened enemies. Stacking the third part of these improvements with your passive ability will give you a great attack momentum.

Vanishing Mists and Prioritizing Scrolls

The last selectable roll for Toxicologist is Mists that disappear. This role will make you immune to all toxic poisonous clouds. When hit by one, it will become invisible and its running speed will increase by 35% for 3 seconds. This increases to 6 seconds or 9 seconds with the updated scrolls. Basically, this displacement does the job of a rune if it hits a toxic attack. It is worth reading this scroll since Toxic is a popular glove and you can use this effect often. This can free your Rune slots for different Runes and open up more skills in the game. Other players may be convinced that, in some way, they are using all the runes if they send these effects correctly.

The toxicologist is a great class to increase your attack power, but where he really stands out is in team matches. Toxic is a great gauntlet for team matches in general. However, this class makes it even better. If you wear this gauntlet, you need good coordination with your teammates to take full advantage of the additional incremental damage and more toxic clouds. With the right combo time, you can do serious damage with this kind of player.

The toxicologist can be very useful for players with good communication skills. It is vital with this class that you and your teammates help you make the most of your increased attacks. Alone, it is very useful for close combat or shootings with multiple opponents. If you can master this, the Toxicologist can be one of the best classes of players in Spellbreak.

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