5 of our favorite Teamfight Tactics compositions

When looking for a new combination in your versions of Teamfight Tactics, it is sometimes more fun to try to play checkers while your opponent plays chess. Of course, you can run Nobles / Knights, Dragons or Glacials and try to win, but why not show your opponents that you have a serious mojo instead?

I selected five of my favorite builds that I encountered, concocted or watched on the Summoner's Rift chessboard, focusing on the style in power. These versions may not bring you many victories, but you will do well to use them.

Bullet Hell: Attacks of the greatest number outweigh the attacks of the little

Although these are not the strongest units, Gunslingers and Pirates can do damage if you set them up correctly. In this case, you want four Gunslingers for a bigger bonus (attacking all the enemies at hand). Hackers can help your economy (giving up to four gold each time you face another player), and the Gunslingers will give several free attacks to all those who are in synergy, especially in Graves.

Speaking of our main unit, the cigar shooter himself, you want it as high as you can. Prepare his inventory with a ghost dancer (for attack speed and survivability) and Titanic Hydra (to inflict splashing on all his Gunslinger shooters). You can choose the last item location, but the best choices are usually the objects that give the attack speed or health, a spatula-like object that gives Graves an essential synergy with the other units (Blademaster is amazing). Do not forget to throw a tank ahead, my favorite is Shen because it helps you to get to the Blademaster Synergy.

The tractor pulls: Blitzcrank makes friends

Everyone's favorite golden robot can become the most annoying robot since Claptrap if you do not intend to cover it with objects. Start by equipping our key unit, Blitzcrank, with a pair of Spear of Shojin or one and a Yuumi (turning him into a wizard) to ensure that he will use his abilities as often as possible. The last location is flexible, but I like Guinsoo's Rageblade to help create damage and resize. For the rest of the composition, it's good to have at least one other Brawler (Warwick is an easy choice), and maybe another target for the items, but make sure you have enough health and beef around your robot friend. You want to drag your enemies to the heart of a horrible mess again and again.

Kassawin: the ultimate in mana-draining

Never a bad choice, Kassadin can actually become a huge puzzle for your opponents' thanks to a few key elements. Start with Gunsoo Rageblade, then add Runaan's Hurricane and finish with a fast Firecannon to seal the deal. Swinging three people at a time and using all their mana to fuel your own shields should help keep him (and your team) alive. To further store his closets, Kha'Zix, another resident of the neighborhood, will distract and eliminate threats in the background. Cho'Gath is an excellent choice for his sector, performing tanks and filling empty loot. Think of wizards to add Lulu and someone who can inflict area damage like Aurelion Sol or Ahri to deal with extra capacity damage.

The Pyke Express: give a chance to Sonic

Your goal with Pyke is to help him navigate the battlefield at top speed, stunning everyone and dealing damage while preventing artificial intelligence from focusing. Double Spear of Shojin is the most important part of the construction, and according to your own taste, you can choose between Gunsoo's Rageblade and Hextech Gunblade for the final item. It is usually wise to place it on the front, far-right or left, so it is more likely to jump on the sides of a typical enemy team and reduce it, but try to throw a take a look at your opponents to see what you can measure before choosing.

To accompany Pyke, you have a lot of flexibility because he is not particularly looking for synergy bonuses. I like something like a Shyvana or Gnar for another threat once they transform, and a Nidalee or Lulu can also be helpful in keeping it alive.

Ninja Deliverator: Kennen in enemy backlines in 30 milliseconds or less

Kennen can be an excellent choice because of his stun power and damage. However, he is often missing simply because he is stuck in the wrong position when he wants to use his abilities. Put on Kennen with a Youmuu Ghostblade and he'll jump to the right place. Usually, you will want to give it at least one Shojin spear, but the other location may be a Rabadon's Headdress, a Morellonomicon, a Hextech Gunblade, or the Guinsoo's Raging Blade.

For synergy choices, Elementalists are great, and adding Lisandra and Brand can cause you damage and a friendly golem to absorb the damage. The other Assassins are not a bad idea either (but I would avoid Akali as they would both lose the Ninja Synergy buff) as they could deflect the enemy back. If you choose to become an Elementalist, also consider Glacial to partner with Lissandra for more dizziness.

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