The right to acquire the right to occupy the land for 12 years

The Form of Rights is the most important form in the revenue record. This is because the occupier or account holder has the main record of how the land rights have been acquired and since then the land transactions have been continuously recorded in the rights register. The list of rights is kept in the form of a diary.

Inherited from first registered and unregistered documents, oral confessions, all other private rights and public rights as well as public rights as well as the rights of the mortgagors of the owners of the land acquired in another way, the farmers (Ganotia) if the land is counted, or the authority to collect revenue. Details of all government land rights are given.

The above rights are then entered in the index of land matter as per the sequence of survey number of each village and are recorded separately from each survey number as per the possession of the subdivision.

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