Aakash Digital Learning App - FREE Live Demo Class

Aakash Digital brings the 30+ years of academic legacy of Aakash Institute online.The Aakash Digital Learning App is developed to make your NEET, JEE and class 8-10 preparation a breeze. This App offers FREE Demo Live classes from the subject experts of Aakash.

This App is NOT for current Aakash (Classroom/Digital) students.

The prescheduled Live demo classes from the best of Aakash faculty will help you to stay updated with every important subject from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and Botany. You can enroll and reserve your seat in advance. Once you register for a class, you can access the recorded videos of past Live lectures and enroll for the upcoming Live demo classes in parallel. You can opt for any particular topic/chapter of your choice from several pre-scheduled lectures. You can also join in more than one Live demo class, scheduled at varying time-slots.


The app is compatible with all the Android mobiles & tablets.

1- Download the Aakash Digital Learning App - FREE Live Demo Class from the Play Store
2- Sign Up With the details of your name, class, email, etc.
3- Select the Online Live Demo Class you want to join and tap on Enroll
4- Join the Free Live Demo Class and learn online from the best faculty at Aakash
5- Access to recorded videos of Past Live Sessions

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Education is an important part of the life of people. Getting good education is the right of every citizen. An educated person builds his career on the basis of good education. Education today is much more diverse than in 1950 due to advances in teaching and other great inventions. Nowadays online education is dominated in the present life. Online education is a medium where the teacher can connect remotely and from any corner of the world through the Internet. Teachers make video calls through apps like Skype, Zoom etc. and children can see and hear the teacher on laptop or computer. Teachers share their computer screens to teach children, so that children can get education from home.

At the moment of lockdown where all education centers are closed. Online education has made its place there. Today, children from all over the world are able to study easily using online education. Good and fast internet connectivity is required to get online education. Teachers teach children in distance education according to VHAS video, DVD and Internet courses. Online education was made legal in 1993 and is a unique way through which students of all ages can read. Online education is becoming popular over the years due to the ease of the Internet.

In the present situation, children are not able to get education in schools and colleges, but online education has made the path much easier. Children are able to complete their studies at home. Some children are not able to study by going to teachers' homes or coaching organizations. He completes his studies through online education and attains online degree by taking exams. Nowadays, most professional courses are online. Students study online and achieve their degree by taking online exams.

With online education, we not only get the education required in India but also abroad. With this our knowledge develops greatly. Due to online education, students do not have to go anywhere and this saves travel time. Students choose the time according to their convenience and join online classes.

In online education, students can record the class taken by the teacher. After this, after the class, the students can listen to the recording again and if there is any doubt, feel free to ask the teacher in another class. This makes the concept students understand the concept. If there is any type of subject related problem in online education, you can ask the teacher online. There is no need to go anywhere for this. To teach online, the teacher has created some programs like flash cards and games that enhance the learning experience of the student.

Civil service exams and studies like engineering and medical are taking place online, not in educational institutions. It is difficult to say how long the corona period will last and therefore it is mandatory for the students to follow social distance. In this situation, online education is a better option. Nowadays the fast growing world is lacking in time and all the services offered through the web are gaining popularity.

The Interface of the Aakash Digital Learning App is very easy and user friendly. One can easily access the app and can even navigate to any particular section without any difficulty.

So, buckle up and be ready to study for your exams from the comfort and safety of your home with the best teachers of Aakash.

About Aakash:
Aakash is an established name in IIT/JEE and NEET preparation, guiding students since 1988. Known for its extensive NEET lectures and IIT-JEE learning sessions, the coaching institute has made a mark in the educational arena. The application from the house of Aakash Education Services Private Limited, has been tailored to meet the needs of not just Engineering and Medical aspirants, but also students aiming to ace various examinations.

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