STD 6 English Speling Download File

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English is very important in our lives. Today, people who do not know the English language find themselves backward. English is the third most spoken language in the world, while Mandarin (the language of China) and Spanish are the most spoken in the world. English is spoken in 67 countries.

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The importance of English has increased greatly in our country. English medium schools have opened everywhere. Every parent wants their child to speak the English language. Nowadays most of the computer related things are in English. English is also used extensively on social media.

The importance of English is also very much to get a job. 20% of the world population uses the English language. English is a language that connects us to the world.

Importance of english speaking importance of english speaking
English speaking people in the country are considered superior. Nowadays there is a flood of English speaking institutions. English speaking courses are being conducted in every small town. All parents dream that their children speak fluent English.

Importance of English language in education importance of English Language in education
The English language has special significance in the field of education. All higher education courses such as Engineering Medical MBA IIT Chartered Accountant LLB Advocacy Computer Education Information Technology are in the English language. Books are also in English language. Therefore, reading English has become more important for students.

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