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Data recovery, Trash bin, Recovery files application has a fast data recovery technology that helps you to recover deleted videos, photos, uninstalled Apps, Audio and documents data very easily and quickly if accidentally deleted an important photo or video, exactly works like the recycle bin on your computer.
It does not recover the data, deleted before the installation of our app but it does recover data that is deleted if this app is installed.

Data Recovery, Trash bin, Recovery files App automatically takes backup of all your removed data such as photos, videos, Apps, audio and documents and Recover deleted files by just one click. And may check your recent deleted files which are backed up by app.
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Data recovery, Trash bin, Recovery files application works as a recycle bin like you have in your windows and Trash bin in Mac. Our App offers you 100% assurance of your data as a safe-keeper of your personal Data, videos and images!

The pictures that are deleted or the videos you have deleted will be in our application. This works as a recycle bin as it will have all the files that you have deleted and will be able to give to any and all the deleted files

This Data recovery, Trash bin, Recovery files application will give you the free hand of making mistakes. There are some precautions to this application. After installing this application, you can use it as a dumpster. Put your secret photo or files you do not currently need. View these files via our application and recover them anytime you want.

Main Features

- Takes efficiently back up your deleted photos, videos and Apps automatically.
- And instantly retrieve all your important files or permanently delete unnecessary.
- No internet required.
- No need to root your device.
- 100% Free app.
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